Gentle Birth Childbirth Education
teaching the Bradley Method®

Gentle Birth Childbirth Education uses The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth which includes:

* Prenatal nutrition
* Exercises to prepare the body for          birth
* Natural pain management - focusing on    relaxation
* Coach's training
* Labor rehearsals
* Birth plans, birth videos, & much more!

About the Instructor

I have been in the KC area for the past 2 years & am so pleased to be sharing about natural childbirth with this community! I have been teaching Bradley since March 2011 after having a fantastic natural, Bradley birth with my first daughter. I enjoyed my experience so much I decided to become an instructor so I could share the knowledge with others who are interested in the same avenue for birth.

I am a doula also & enjoy serving women during such a precious, life-altering moment. Please review my services/fees tab for more information about my doula services.


The Bradley Method® will train couples to: feel confident in staying low-risk, be well-educated on the risks & benefits of interventions, and feel empowered to have a safe, natural childbirth experience.